10 things that could happen to your body if you sit down all-day

Working from home is a concept that became widely adopted due to the pandemic. However, even if you were working at the office, there is a big chance that you are spending most of your day sitting on the couch or the desk. Few people take breaks to be active and move around their workspace, because they understand the importance of being active. In this article, we will talk about 10 things that could happen to your body if you sit down all day.

1- Weak legs and glutes

When you don’t move your glutes and legs much they will become weaker. Sitting all day means that you are not putting pressure on the lower body muscles which makes them weaker and unable to hold you properly. The weakening of the muscles is known as muscle atrophy.

2- Weight gain

When you are moving, your muscles release molecules that process the sugars and the fats that you eat. Therefore, not moving means that your body will release less of these molecules which could lead you to gain weight. Your metabolism will also be affected and may be slowed down.

3- Tight hips and a bad back

Not only will your glutes and leg muscles be affected by your inactivity, but also your hips and back. Sitting shortens the flexors of your hip, and the position that you sit in for a long time, or a bad posture will affect your back. A poor posture while sitting can lead to compression of the discs in the spine leading to chronic pain due to premature degeneration.

4- Anxiety and depression

Inactivity has also negative effects on your mental health, as it can lead to depression and anxiety. This is true if you are at a predisposition to these disorders.

5- Cancer risk

Cancer can be a consequence of inactivity as well. Studies have proven that sitting for long periods will lead to cancers such as uterine, lung, and colon cancers.

6- Heart disease

Your heart is also affected by sitting for a long time, as you could suffer from cardiovascular diseases. As per studies, men who spend more than 23 hours weekly watching TV are at a 64% risk higher of dying from cardiovascular disease than men who watch TV for 11 or fewer hours. According to experts, sitting more puts you at a very high risk of a heart attack or stroke.

7- Diabetes risk

Sitting for a long time affects your insulin resistance and could lead to diabetes, especially if you spend consecutive days sitting and inactive.

8- Varicose veins

Not moving your legs can lead blood to pool in them which leads to varicose veins. Even if these are not very harmful, they are visible and considered ugly.

9- Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

Deep vein thrombosis is a common type of blood clot usually in the legs. DVT is a medical emergency that could cause major complications or even death.

10- Stiff shoulders and neck

When you are sitting on your laptop for a long period, your shoulders and neck are in a bad position that can and will harm them and make them stiff and painful.


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