5 exercises you can do at home for a stronger core

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3 min readJul 3, 2020

Whether you are stuck at home for reasons you cannot control (like a pandemic) or you prefer home workouts on going to the gym, you need the best exercises out there to see results. No matter what your fitness goal is, strengthening your core can be very essential to help you reach it. But how do you do it at home? The following are 5 exercises you can do at home for a stronger core.

1- Plank

Of course, planks are very important when it comes to strengthening your core. The plank position helps gives endurance and strength to your back, abs, and core. While it is very important for your abs, it has benefits for other body parts as well. In fact, hamstrings and glutes also benefit from the plank position. It also improves balance and supports proper posture. If you find it hard to achieve, start with some progressions and variations until you are able to do the classic plank position.

2- Butterfly sit-up

You might be used to normal sit-ups, which could be very helpful, but this variation has some extra benefits. Putting your legs a butterfly position helps you not use the hip flexors which leads to a better form. All you have to do is lie on your back, and bring the soles of your feet together, make sure your knees are bent out to the sides. Extend your arms over your hand to be in the starting position. Start by rolling your body up so you are now sitting, and then touch your toes. Then lower your back slowly to go back to the starting position.

3- Side bend

The side bend will activate the obliques as well as the deep core muscles. It also put your back and arms at work. You can do this exercise almost anywhere, and you will instantly feel the burning feeling.

4- Jackknife

This is considered a complete core exercise that makes your body utilize all its core muscle groups in order to achieve it. In order to do this exercise start by laying down on your back, extending both your arms (overhead) and legs. Contract your abs until your lower back is pressed on the ground. Now that you are in starting position, point your toes and squeeze both your glutes and toes before you left your legs as well as your upper back from the ground, and try to push your hands forward until they reach your feet and your body forms the letter V. then slowly return to the starting position.

5- Leg raise

Leg raise is important for the area of lower abs. it helps lengthen and strengthen your hip flexors playing a crucial role in core strength and stability. It also helps with hip mobility which improves your fitness level overall. Having tight flexors is common, especially if you spend most of your time sitting on your desk every day. For this reason, you might need to add an exercise like leg raise in order to add flexibility to that area.

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