5 ways on how to be a more sustainable athlete

Sustainability is a concept that is being more and more adopted in the world of sports. Brands and sports associations are going towards the adoption of green solutions and athletes are following that path. Becoming a sustainable athlete is a great goal to achieve alongside the other athletic goals. But how do you do that? There are many ways to do it! Inspired by Sam Bencheghib, a young athlete who is running across the US to raise awareness about ocean pollution sponsored by StepChain, and other sustainable athletes, we bring you 5 ways on how to be a more sustainable athlete.

1- Use reusable bottles

Many use plastic bottles of water during their workout and training. If you want to be a sustainable and eco-friendly athlete, start by replacing your plastic water bottle with one that is reusable. Chose a bottle made of glass, aluminum, or stainless steel. These bottles can be used for a long time and rewashed without being harmed. They are not made of PVC so they are also harmless for the body in the long run.

2- Choose workout gear made from recycled materials

A lot of brands are shifting towards the production of clothes made of recycled materials. Some brands make their product from organic cotton, others that recycle some clothing materials, and some that have succeeded in creating clothes from coffee grounds. Brands are being very creative with their fabrication of items by using different eco-friendly and recyclable materials to offer their customers the best options.

3- Donate your shoes

Your sports shoes are supposed to be worn for a specific period, and once you’ve worn them for that long, it is time to replace them with a new pair, or it won’t be useful for your sports. Therefore, if your running shoes have served their time, think of donating them to someone who could walk in it. You can also donate your shoes to other causes. Some many businesses or brands receive used shoes and use their materials to recycle them, and turn them into turf fields, or playgrounds, or something else.

4- Look for plant-based proteins sources

A major source of emission of greenhouse gas is from raising animals in the food industry. This can damage the ecosystems due to the waste and runoff of chemicals used. For this reason, switching to plant-based proteins such as legumes and nuts and others can have a positive impact on the planet. It is recommended that you incorporate more of these foods in your diet, and it would be better if you grow them in your garden organically.

Consume plant-based protein to refuel your body at least once per week, or substitute your protein powder with a vegan one.

5- Raise awareness about the matter

As an athlete, you can influence more than others. By following the previously mentioned ways to be sustainable and by trying to talk about sustainability as much as you can become a sustainable person. Use your social media accounts and public appearances (whenever you have one) to talk about the topic.





StepChain is a responsible Fitness App for fitness and blockchain adoption by rewarding its users with STEP Tokens they generate while exercising.

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Step Chain

Step Chain

StepChain is a responsible Fitness App for fitness and blockchain adoption by rewarding its users with STEP Tokens they generate while exercising.

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