5 ways to become a morning person

Many people do not understand morning persons and are usually annoyed by them. We rarely understand what makes them happy in the morning and we could wonder how we can be like them. While there are tons of ways to follow we decided to choose the ones that are the most efficient and the easiest to adopt. Read on to find 5 ways to become a morning person.

1- Plan for your breakfast the night before

Breakfast is an important meal of the day. Preparing for what you will be eating, or knowing what you will be eating as soon as you open your eyes in the morning, can boost your mood. Plan your breakfast ahead of time and pick ingredients that you like and that you know will make you excited to get out of bed and prepare your breakfast. Opt for healthy options where you can include fruits and fluids. Take your time to have breakfast, at least once in a while, and enjoy this time of the day. When you feel happy during breakfast time, your positive feelings will be boosted and improved throughout the day.

2- Workout in the morning

Being active in the morning is a great way to boost your mental and physical energy. You can work out alone or with a partner to feel even more motivated. Benefit from the help of StepChain’s app where you can go to the workout section to create your own workout plan, based on your preferences. If you need a workout buddy, go to the chat section and get in touch with other users, compete with them, exchange tips and thoughts, or virtually workout together. Morning is thought to be the best time for a workout so do not miss this chance to boost your body’s performance.

3- Don’t hit the snooze button

As hard as this might be, the snooze button is more harmful to you than you may think. Not only it can put you at risk of missing out on your important morning commitments, but it also disturbs your sleep cycle, so the few minutes you sleep between pressing the snooze button are not useful to you at all. Put your phone away from your bed so when the alarm goes on, you need to get out of bed to pick it up, making it harder for you to fall asleep again.

4- Meditate before sleeping

Meditation is one way to relax you especially before sleeping. Therefore, if you are relaxed before bed, there is a big chance that your quality of sleep would increase, and you will wake up feeling good, refreshed, and relaxed, increasing the chances of having a good mood in the morning.

5- Keep your curtains open

Before you sleep, make sure that you have at least one curtain (in case you have many) open in your bedroom. This will allow light to come inside your room in the morning, making you wake up better and feel more refreshed as your brain is fully aware that it is time to start the day.




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