7 tips to overcome laziness during quarantine

We’ve seen in previous articles, how quarantine can affect our habits, sleep, eating habits, and other aspects of our life as well. Laziness is one of the things that we could experience during this period as well. Working from home, and having an uncontrollable schedule can be stressful which pushes us to run away from our tasks, by postponing them or doing nothing. So how do you overcome laziness during quarantine? Here are 7 tips:

1- Keep a regular sleep routine and set alarms

Routines are usually hard to maintain, so imagine how hard it would be in quarantine? However, a regular sleeping routine is essential to rest and have enough power to be normal. When you find it tempting to stay in bed and do nothing, an alarm can be helpful to remind you of the things you need to accomplish.

2- Get dressed

Even if you are not going anywhere, getting dresses can give you the motivation to do something important during the day. Do not stay in your pajamas, but instead get dressed the same way as if you are going out. This will make you believe you are at work or surrounded by people, which makes you achieve more tasks.

3- Set a schedule

Before you sleep, write down all the things you’d wish to achieve the next day. Try to divide your tasks by day period, or even give them timing. This can help you keep a regular routine and have time to relax and do nothing. Do not forget to include breaks so you do not feel burnt out and needing to be lazy or procrastinate.

4- Reward yourself

Rewarding yourself after finishing a goal can keep you motivated to finish everything you have to do. Reward yourself with a tasty meal, a break, or some screen time. Give yourself credits for achieving your tasks and fighting off laziness.

5- Limit screen time

Scrolling on social media has been found the number one distraction while working. Try to keep your phone away or muted and make sure you do not look at it until you finish your tasks. Make phone time-limited to breaks, this can create a habit in you where you do not touch your phone unless you are on a break.

6- Exercise

Being active is essential to stay healthy and motivated. The more you do, the more you feel like you want to do. Exercises can improve your mood and give you energy, which plays a major role in creating motivation and keeping laziness at bay. You do not have to do a killer workout for that, all you need is to pump your heartbeat a little bit. Take a walk around your house, do some crunches or planks, put some music and dance for 5 minutes non-stop.

7- Get in touch with people

While we cannot do that physically, there are different ways that still enable this option. Social relationships help you fulfill your social needs. So plan at least one interaction with the people you love every day. You can call your grandmother, your coworkers or even your best friend.

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