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Meet StepChain’s Main-Man, Jean-Michel Alfieri

One of the many important aspects of every project in Blockchain Technology is the team behind it. When you DYOR (do your own research), you look for the team’s profile and qualifications. As most projects hide behind anonymity and behind the scene act, StepChain’s team, on the other hand, is much too happy to introduce themselves to the community.

So how did we select our Main-Man to lead the team? Let me help you find out!

Atlas Group is a private equity firm that has been in the world of technology for over 20 years. The firm has successfully been investing in businesses at different stages of their growth: seed capital, venture and development capital in the tech industry; with a special interest in the blockchain revolution, cryptocurrencies and ICOs. Within the Atlas Group, Jean-Michel Alfieri is Chairman of the online marketing agency Absolutely Digital based in the UAE.

Who is Jean-Michel Alfieri?

Jean-Michel Alfieri
Co-Founder and Current President of Atlas Group

Jean-Michel Alfieri

Co-Founder and Current President of Atlas Group

CEO and Co-Founder of StepChain

  • Jean-Michel co-founded the diversified financial investment organization Atlas Group of Companies in 1994 and serves as its President.
  • Chairman of the online marketing agency Digital based in the UAE
  • He is Co-Founder and President of GoldFinX based in Singapore, a fintech company raising funds through its ICO to provide working capital to goldmines.
  • As Atlas Group’s representative, Jean-Michel currently sits on the board of 14 companies in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia and has participated in more than 20 M&A deals over the last 2 decades from seed funding to IPO including the sale and purchase of companies in America, Europe, and Asia.
  • Jean-Michel holds a degree in Political Science.

With the above outstanding qualifications, there’s no doubt, Jean-Michel is a perfect choice. Want to know more? Visit his Linkedin Profile.

Behind StepChain’s main man, there’s an incredibly talented team working towards the success of the company. With great experience and knowledge of digital content and apps development and distribution, the rest of the team offers a unique approach to the word business. Each one of its members focuses on different targets to drive the company towards success.

In the next article, let’s get to know Philippe Bednarek, StepChain’s President, and Co-Founder.

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