Can you build muscles by doing bodyweight?

It is common to use weightlifting in order to build muscles. However, bodyweight exercises are also able to build muscles. In order to grow your muscles with bodyweight, you must follow some principles such as increase the number of repetitions, shorten your rest times, perform variations, exercise until failure, and increase the time of exercising under tension. In this article we will better understand how you can build muscles with bodyweight.

Benefits of bodyweight exercises

1- Convenience

Since bodyweight exercising uses no equipment, it is easier for you to get ready for your training sessions. You only need to change into your sport wear and find a suitable space for your workout. You can work out at home since you do not need any equipment, just the weight of your body. If you need assistance you can ask StepChain to help you as the app has many features that are useful for home workouts. You can check the workout section to create your workout plan, and the chat section where you can share and ask for thoughts and advice from other users.

2- It is suitable for all levels

You do not need to be an athlete to do bodyweight, as this type of training is easy and suitable for all levels. Beginners are able to perform all bodyweight exercises with no trouble. The higher your level the harder the variations that you can apply. Chose variations that are challenging for you and that makes you puts lots of efforts on your muscles. This way you will be challenging your muscles to grow, and this is how you build muscles through bodyweight exercises.

3- It is a functional way of training in your everyday life

Bodyweight exercises are made of movements that you replicate in your everyday life, therefore, by moving daily, you are doing some bodyweight movements. Furthermore, this type of training adapts your body to better perform the daily movements that helps you accomplish the smallest activity in your everyday life. Bodyweight exercises increases your body’s flexibility, mobility and stability allowing you to perform daily tasks like moving your heavy grocery bags from one place to another, or even getting up from your chair. Also, doing such exercises can help reduce your risk of being injured, and makes the quality of your life better.

How to build muscle?

1- Increase the number of repetitions

In order to build muscles you need to repeat the movement many times so that your muscles are moving repeatedly until they use all the strength needed to perform the exercise and to build stronger muscles.

2- Shorten your rest times

Not allowing your muscles enough rest times between each exercise keep your muscles warm makes them grow faster.

3- Perform variations

Variations helps your muscles avoid getting familiar with the exercise which prohibits them from growing. When you do variations, your muscles will feel as if you are doing new types of exercises.

4- Exercise until failure

Doing so helps you know how much your muscles can tolerate. The more you exercise the more you push your body to its limits, and the stronger your muscles.

5- Increase the time of exercising under tension

This also helps your body’s endurance become stronger and allows you more chances to grow your muscles.




StepChain is a responsible Fitness App for fitness and blockchain adoption by rewarding its users with STEP Tokens they generate while exercising.

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Step Chain

StepChain is a responsible Fitness App for fitness and blockchain adoption by rewarding its users with STEP Tokens they generate while exercising.