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4 min readOct 5, 2020

Have a role model can help you in many areas in your life, especially when it comes to fitness. A fitness role model will help you stay motivated and push you to your limits in order to reach your goals. You might be following a lot of fitness idols on social media or know some names, however finding a specific one could be more helpful for you. In this article, we will talk about how to choose your fitness role model and about Sam Bencheghib; our role model.

How to choose your fitness role model:

-Ask active people for advice: people who have an active routine have some fitness experience and can give you the needed inspiration. Your fitness role model shouldn’t necessarily be someone famous, just look around you for someone whose experience can motivate you. You can also ask them who their fitness role models are to get inspired.

-Chose a role model focused on fitness and health: a good fitness role model is someone who is healthy and includes health into every part of his life. Look for someone whom you look up to when it comes to health practices, it could be eating well, having healthy habits, or even working out well. When it comes to nutrition, a healthy person looks at food as something that is healthy fuel for its body rather than something tasty to enjoy.

-Look for a workout partner: your workout partner can plan an important role in being your fitness role model. Find someone whom you look up to and would not mind becoming like him/her.

-Let successful fitness routines inspire you: look around you for people who have successful fitness routines, longevity, and active lifestyles. Get inspired by them and ask them if you can watch or adapt their routines.

-Make sure that your role model is taking the right steps: a true fitness role model is someone who does it the right way, through a healthy diet and a fitness routine that is right for their body and lifestyle. Avoid following someone who uses artificial means such as injections or products that gives the same results of being active.

Our fitness role model: Sam Bencheghib

Sam came up with an amazing eco-friendly initiative which consisted of walking from one ocean to another in a recycled pair of shoes. The reason for his initiative is to address the issue of plastic pollution and be the first person to cross the American continent wearing recycled shoes. Bencheghib ran from New York City to Los Angeles wearing shoes made of recycled plastic. His aim is to shed light on the issue of pollution due to plastic and the use of recycled products. Sam wants to inspire people and encourage them to live sustainably. He started his run the 26th of July 2019, passing 13 US states and 3103 miles, starting from the Atlantic Ocean reaching the Pacific Ocean.

Our idol is fueled by big goals. Who is yours?

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