Here is how you can sleep better during quarantine

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4 min readJul 13, 2020

Many people struggle with insomnia in their normal lives, therefore, imagine how many people could be dealing with this issue during quarantine as well. The disrupted routine that makes people spend more time than usual inside, and forces them to cancel most of the activities they did in the past could be the main cause of sleep problems.

Many scientists have stated that spending more time in front of a screen, eating your meals at odd times, drinking more than usual, and/or increases stress levels are reasons why your sleep patterns are affected. The lack of routine can lead to poor sleep. So how do you get better quality sleep during quarantine?

Here are some ways you can adopt to regulate your circadian rhythms which dictates our sleeping schedules, by helping the body stay energized during the day and help it sleep during the night.

1- Expose yourself to the sun

Light is important to establish healthy circadian rhythms and is one of the elements that helps establish good sleep, but you need to go out to get it. If you do not have enough time on your hands, try to get as much as 15 to 30 minutes of outdoor sunlight per day. Maybe take your coffee on the balcony or go to the supermarket on foot.

2- Be physically active

A sedentary lifestyle can increase your sleeping issues. In fact, exercising can encourage good sleep, so why not give it a try? Even if gyms are closed, you can still get your dose of a home workout. Go for a socially-distanced run, do some bodyweight exercises at home, or a bike ride in the neighborhood.

3- Pay attention at your mealtimes

If your eating habits and timings have changed during quarantine, then you might know why you can’t sleep well at night. Managing these times can help you manage your sleep schedule. In fact, two hours prior to going to bed, your body will start secreting melatonin to regulate sleep. This process is usually postponed if you have a late meal. Try to have your last meal at 8 pm, drink less coffee, and sleep by 10 pm as a starter. Also, stay away from alcohol as much as possible.

4- Rebuild your old routines (or new ones)

A regular schedule can be very helpful to have a regular sleep pattern. Set alarms create a list of things to do during a specific day, set times for every meal, etc. Doing so can improve your sleep quality instantly.

5- Control your stress levels

Stress is unavoidable in our lives, especially during a period where we live only in our houses and everything is different. However, controlling your stress levels is not an impossible task. You might need to set new rules in the house so you are able to manage your children’s studying time, or pair with a friend so you are motivated to finish the tasks you have and avoid procrastination, or you might need to get in touch with a therapist. Do whatever it takes, and whatever you can, to control stress.

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