How are the major sports leagues responding to Coronavirus?

Many sports teams had to take important decisions regarding putting their leagues’ games on hold, canceling them, or proceeding with no viewers. While the situation was hard for everyone, every major sports league had to take a different stand of the pandemic. How are the major sports leagues responding to Coronavirus? The answers are in this article.


Major League Baseball did not start its season in April as usual but postponed it until July 23rd. the league will be completing a 60-game season, which could expand playoffs from the end of September till the end of October. However, after the start of the season, many players were tested positive, which put the MLB plan on hold and led to the postponement of many games.


After canceling all preseason games the National Football League training was set to start soon. However new rules will be set. The locker rooms are updated to include the concept of social distancing, and only 80 players will be allowed in the team building. However, it is expected that positive cases of COVID-19 could be found among players.


The NBA has delayed its games in March and was back on track in July. However, only 22 teams will be playing. So far no positive cases were found in the team.


The restart of the tennis season was previewed for the 14th of august in Washington DC but was then canceled. On the other hand, the US Open (one of the main and biggest tennis events) might be held and the end of August, in New York. Fans will not be welcomed and half of the teams will play (32 teams instead of 64). To lower the risk of having infected cases in the court, they decide to minimize the number of players or attendants.


The Major League Soccer came back on July the 8th beginning with its 16-team knockout tournament and is set to continue until August 11. The games will be held at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

Now that the teams are in Orlando they were tested for COVID-19, before and during the tournament until its end. The team members who will be on the bench are asked to put on face masks and keep social distances. Some new requirements and rules are set. The players are asked not to kiss the ball (which was common before the pandemic) and not exchange jerseys or any personal items with each other to minimize the risk of contamination.

The league is updating its decisions based on the situation, whereas two teams are not participating any more in the tournament due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus even more. The two teams are Nashville and FC Dallas. The tournament is currently at the end of its first round and will be moving to the quarterfinals on July 30th.

Which games of these major sports leagues were you awaiting?

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