How to boost your immunity during the winter season

Winter is all about cold weather and probable flu that can make you feel helpless for a few days. This happens in winter because the cold weather makes you more exposed to viruses causing the flu and because your immune system is not so strong during this season. For this reason, it is important to care for your immunity and consume the foods or supplements needed to keep it strong against unwanted germs and viruses. In this article, we will answer the question “how to boost your immunity during the winter season?”

1- Stock up on Vitamin C

Vitamin C has great effects on the immune system. It can increase the production of lymphocytes and phagocytes which are white blood cells that protect your body against infection. Vitamin C can also improve the functionality of these white blood cells and protects them from any damages. Furthermore, it plays an important role in the skin’s defense system, strengthening the skin’s barriers. This helps to heal wounds faster, making germs less spread on your skin. Finally, having low levels of Vitamin C in your body can lead to poor health.

2- Get some sun

Summer is known for its sunny days, which makes you produce more vitamin D. however, during the winter, you will be less exposed to the warmth of the sun, thus producing less of this vitamin. This requires the consumption of Vitamin D supplements during the cold days. Having a vitamin D deficiency makes you more susceptible to flu and colds as your immunity levels are lower.

3- Eat garlic

Garlic is a food high in sulfur, has strong antibiotic actions, and can support your liver to efficiently transport detoxification. This process helps reduce estrogen metabolites and toxins which can cause inflammation affecting your immunity. Garlic also has a high level of selenium which is a mineral that is essential for immunity.

4- Sleep well

Sleeping well allows your body to rest, which makes it ready to fight off any threat to its immunity system. Good quality sleep means an immunity boost that will help keep you safe from flu and viruses.

5- Exercise

Exercising is another way to boost your immune system and protect yourself from unwanted colds. You can work out with the help of StepChain, where you can find multiple features, such as the workout section that can allow you to create your workout plan. You can also use the pedometer feature that allows you to record your steps and later on exchange them with STEP Coins.

6- Follow a timely routine

Some tasks if you do them daily at the same time, can offer you longevity and a good immunity boost. If you eat, workout and take breaks at the same time every day, your circadian clock will get used to these tasks and protect your body in case of any changes.

7- Cut back on junk food

Junk food has very low nutritious value, which makes it not beneficial for your health. Instead, fill up on foods that have good nutritious values that can maintain your immunity levels.




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