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Every company or project needs to have a strong and experienced team behind, which will make it more possible for the company to eventually be successful; especially when competing with other well-established brands in the tech and fitness industries.

The Team behind StepChain offers vast experience in different sectors, ensuring the success of the company through the development of different areas. This company is led by experts with great knowledge in business administration, blockchain technology, marketing, and the cryptocurrency market, driving the company towards success.

We had introduced you to Jean-Michel Alfieri (CEO and Co-Founder) and Philippe Bednarek (President and Co-Founder) respectively in our previous articles.

This dynamic duo has gathered quite the experience over the years, leading international teams that have a deep understanding of global financial trends and practices.

Furthermore, throughout the years Jean-Michel and Philippe have met with talented young entrepreneurs who are innovating in the tech sector to share the experience with them.

But no matter how good your idea is if the right team is not behind it to make it happen, then most likely the entire project will fail.

This reasoning led to the managing team to seek experts in different areas to develop the best possible product. With a deep understanding of blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency market, the company has Alexandre Rigaud.

Who is Alexandre Rigaud?

Chief Blockchain Officer and Co-Founder

> Alexandre is a French University Graduate.

> He is a computer expert and coder since his early teens and speaks five languages fluently.

> With a Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business / Innovation and Entrepreneurship major, Alexandre is an expert in the Blockchain environment.

> Alexandre is an expert in the Blockchain environment, with several years in this field already. Among others with Apple, where Alexandre had a young career and obtained a solid understanding of technology.

> He is an entrepreneur & innovator.

> He is tech-savvy and blurs the lines between Technology and Liberal Arts.

> He designs and develops rich technical experiences, creative dynamic solutions, and unique content to improve the Blockchain Industry.

> Alexandre is also a University Professor and a Public Speaker in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space.

> He grew up in the GCC and currently lives in Dubai.

> He is a speaker at Google’s MENA HQ as well as in various blockchain events and conferences in the region.

> He is a member of the UAE Ministry of Youth’s “Youth Council” and president of the Dubai French Community Club for Youth

Learn more about Alex via his LinkedIn Profile.

With great experience and knowledge of digital content and apps development and distribution, StepChain’s incredibly talented team is working towards the success of the company.

For more detailed information about the project, visit our Website and read our Whitepaper.


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