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Every company or project needs to have a strong and experienced team behind, which will make it more possible for the company to eventually be successful; especially when competing with other well-established brands in the tech and fitness industries.

Without further ado, please meet StepChain’s President and Co-Founder — Philippe Bednarek!

Who is Philippe Bednarek?

StepChain President and Co-Founder

> Philippe co-founded the private equity firm Atlas Group of Companies in 1994 and serves as its Chairman.

> Within the Atlas Group, Philippe’s main appointments include CEO of GoldFinX, a fintech company raising funds through its ICO to provide working capital to goldmines.

> He is the CEO of Atlas Finance a private investment firm; and director of the Atlas Interactive Group specializing in value-added telecommunications.

> Philippe holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Law, a Master’s degree in Business Law and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science.

Together with CEO and Co-founder, Jean-Michel Alfieri, Philippe has gathered quite the experience over the years, leading international teams that have a deep understanding of global financial trends and practices, leading the Atlas Group of Companies into a successful business capable of implementing financial solutions and financing options; which include cryptocurrency models and trading in digital currencies.

Furthermore, throughout the years Philippe and Jean-Michel have met with talented young entrepreneurs who are innovating in the tech sector to share the experience with them. This is precisely why the Atlas Group of Companies focuses a great part of its efforts into ensuring investment on high potential innovative companies, strategically finding prospects with excellent proof of concept and strong historical revenue growth.

Learn more about Philippe via his LinkedIn profile.

For more detailed information about the project, visit our Website and read our Whitepaper.


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