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3 min readDec 3, 2019


StepChain is for EVERYONE. Even if you go for a small jog or you’re
simply doing your daily activities like heading to the gym or walking to work.

Our reward system consists of calculating the steps you make and the calories you burn even if it is a simple activity such as walking to work.

First, let us tell you how to install the App:

  1. Simply download the Stepchain App from Google Play.
    > Click Install.
    > Open the App
    > Click Join The Challenge.
    > Sign Up (either with FB or Google if FB and Google login details are the same)
    > Input your E-mail and Password (make sure not to forget them as you will need it to log in to your account.

2. Download Google Fit App.
> Click Install
> Open the App
> Continue by logging in to your Google Account
> Input the following personal information:
1. Gender
2. Birthday
3. Weight
4. Height then hit Next.

> Read instructions, then hit More, and Turn On location. Allow Google to access your location.
> After this you can either Skip or hit Next to set your goals.

3. Once you have installed both. Go back to the StepChain app.

> A pop-up welcome banner will come out. Read and follow the instructions properly.
> After reading, click Next.

> Make sure you have installed the Google Fit App. If you did, then hit Next.

4. Link the two apps together for easy tracking of your every step. Click Connect Health Fit.
> If you have one or more Google Accounts on your mobile phone, please make sure that you choose the same profile ID with that of StepChain and Google Fit.
> Choose an account to continue to StepChain by choosing the email you used in signing up.

5. You are all set, now, walk a few steps.
> Make sure you have with you your mobile device where you have installed the app when walking about.

6. Check your wallet.
> Though the Google fit works even when offline in registering your steps, StepChain, on the other hand, needs an Internet connection to track your progress by accessing your linked Google Fit account.

For help and support, join us in our Telegram Community where admins are around 24/7 for your assistance.

For more detailed information about the project, visit our Website and read our Whitepaper.

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Step Chain

StepChain is a responsible Fitness App for fitness and blockchain adoption by rewarding its users with STEP Tokens they generate while exercising.