The best 8 tips for going waste-free

We have heard a lot about zero waste in the past few years, but what exactly is that concept? The zero-waste movement works on decreasing and/or preventing waste. It pushes for redesigning products so that they can be upcycled, reused, or recycled. The main aim is to have 0 trash go to landfills, be littered in oceans or nature, or incinerated. While turning into a zero-waste society is somehow a bit far from reach, there are some changes that we can do to make a step towards that day. Here are the best 8 tips for going waste-free.

1- Change one thing at a time

It is a big mistake to try to change everything at once, especially when it comes to converting to a zero-waste lifestyle. Put a list of changes to make and work on achieving one thing at a time until they become habits, then move to the next thing.

2- Link with like-minded people

Like-minded people will not only encourage you to maintain this new lifestyle when everyone else is creating more and more waste, but they can also help you when you are facing struggles. There are lots of community groups on social media platforms that you can find useful as a starter.

3- Look into your house

Your house, specifically your kitchen can be filled with lots of items that will help you make a basic zero-waste kit. For example, metal cutlery can be useful for this purpose.

4- Do not compare yourself to others

It is important to focus on your daily choices and how you can reduce your own waste. Comparing yourself to others will always make you feel like you are not doing enough, but remember that everyone’s ability depends on aspects of their lifestyle.

5- Start by saying no to straws

You may have noticed that lots of restaurants are shifting away from straws, and they won’t offer you one unless you ask for it, and most of the time it will be a carton straw. You should do the same! Get rid of straws or replace them with reusable ones.

6- Cut your use of plastic water bottles

Plastic water bottles create much more waste than we think. If your home, work environment, and public places around you have safe and clean drinking water, consider getting a reusable bottle. You can also get a filter to make the taste more neutral. You can look up charcoal sticks that are inexpensive and can last for a long time.

7- Use your own bags when you go shopping

To reduce plastic bag waste, take your own bags to the supermarket! You can buy bags that are made for this type of shopping or fold some previously used plastic bags and take them with you.

8- Stop drinking takeaway coffee that is served in plastic cups

A grab-and-go coffee is just amazing on a Sunday or a Monday morning before your start your week. However, to reduce harm to the environment, say no to coffee shops that serve their coffee in cups that are entirely or partially made of plastic. You can get yourself a thermos to fill with your favorite coffee.


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