The most common excuses we use to not exercise or train

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4 min readAug 23, 2021


We humans face lots and lots of difficulties with our bodies. We always seem to be sick, or tired, or not in shape. The one solution for all of this is exercising; exercising gives our bodies energy and keeps them healthy and in shape. It has so many benefits for us, but we always seem to avoid it and make excuses not to train and exercise despite all its benefits. Sometimes, some people over exaggerate with their reasons and go too far. For instance, “I couldn’t exercise because my mother’s cousin’s daughter’s father-in-law died, and it was very tragic.” Not all of us go this far, but we also share excuses for not training. Now, we will give you the most common excuses we use to avoid exercises and their solutions.

  1. I am too tired to exercise today.

Exercising indeed makes your muscles physically tired, but afterward, it makes you feel more energized. This is because when you exercise, your blood flow increases, meaning your heart is pumping oxygen to the muscles, brain, and tissues faster than before — and so, releasing neurotransmitters that make you feel better and energized, like serotonin, dopamine, and natural endorphins. There are several solutions in this case. You can, for example, train with a friend, it makes you more motivated; or you can exercise in your most energized time of the day, let’s say in the morning for instance. Or you can exercise despite feeling tired, but with low, moderate-intensity exercises like yoga and walking.

2. I cannot afford to go to the gym.

Well, we can’t argue that some gyms are costly. The cost of gym memberships can vary from 10 to 200 dollars a month. As a solution, we can’t argue either that exercising doesn’t necessarily need to cost money. Instead of going to the gym, you can train at home using online programs on Youtube or Netflix, or you can go for a walk in your neighborhood.

3. I don’t have time for it.

Here’s a straightforward solution for you. You watch TV during the day. But don’t allow yourself to watch it if you’re not exercising or have already exercised. Instead, use some resistance bands for strength training, walk in the place, train on an exercise bicycle or a treadmill, and all while watching TV.

4. Exercising is boring.

No, not necessarily. You can do many fun exercises like biking, swimming, inline skating, gardening, etc. You can join a Zumba class, for example, or a sports league. Also, you can do it with a friend, this way you won’t get bored.

5. I’ve tried this before and couldn’t stick for a program.

In this case, keep a log; it helps you see if you’re slacking off. Or have an exercise buddy; this way, you’ll feel accountable, and you’re more likely to show to exercise because you know someone is expecting you to be there.

Finally, we can make up excuses as much as we wish, but we shouldn’t forget that this way we are doing damage to ourselves only.




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