The relationship between exercising and self-confidence

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4 min readFeb 11, 2021


Exercising has been long used as a way to slim down the waist, burn calories, and get in shape. Many professionals have spoken and written about the huge effects of exercising for the body as well as for the mind. One of the main benefits of exercising for your wellbeing is that it improves your self-confidence. This argument has been backed by studies, and in this article, we will see closely the relationship between exercising and self-confidence. Here are 5 ways exercises can affect your self-confidence.

1- You feel better after exercising

Do you recognize that feeling of happiness you get after finishing a tough workout? It is your body’s way of rewarding you for taking care of it. This feeling can help you get rid of bad habits that include bad diet choices, being inactive, or overeating. Feeling better physically means also feeling better mentally and this can help you want to increase that feeling. The more you are committed to feeling better, the more you’ll see your self-confidence peaking. You’ll have more interest in meeting new people, discovering and going to new places, taking and achieving new challenges, and get over obstacles that used to limit your abilities.

2- Exercising makes you feel stronger

Exercising builds muscles in your body that makes it look and feel different. It also boosts your immunity and makes you a healthier person as it fights high blood pressure and chronic diseases. It also controls your weight and keeps your stress levels and all mental issues under control. Now that your body and your mind are strong enough against vulnerabilities, you will feel stronger against anything.

3- You gain a sense of accomplishment

Now that you’ve done all these sets of burpees, planks, mountain climbers, or pushups, don’t you feel like you have achieved something big? Setting goals and achieving those leads successfully gives you a sense of achievement and pushes you to stick to that routine so you can experience that sense more frequently. Achieving goals, especially exercise goals, gives you more emotional stamina to want to achieve all kinds of goals you ever set. Therefore, if you are struggling to achieve some goals you’ve previously set, you can do so now by starting a workout or training routine that will change your life and give you the confidence needed to do whatever you want.

4- Exercising improves your self-image

Self-confidence is hugely related to body perception and self-image. Your self-image and body perception can be improved by exercising because when you are sweating it your body is changing and you will love your new shape. Exercise will strengthen and tone your muscles changing your body shape and giving you more confidence in it.

5- Your brainpower increases

One of the mental benefits of exercising is that it makes you smarter. This is because it lowers the amount of stress that your body is subject to giving you more space and time to use your mental abilities. In fact, after exercising you could find yourself more alert, focused, and having the ability to complete tasks in a more efficient way, which can impact your self-esteem.




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