These are the best low-impact exercises for strength and cardio health

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3 min readAug 2, 2021


Building strength and caring for your body and heart’s health are two concepts that can be achieved by working out. There are some exercises that are extra useful to achieve these two goals. Alongside following the right diet plan to maintain the body’s health, it is essential to be active and follow the right workout plan. In this article, we include some of the best low-impact exercises for strength and cardio health that you need to try now.

1- Low-impact jumping jack

This exercise is great to kick start the workout as it is a good warm-up option. Low-impact versions of jumping jacks will increase your heart rate and get your muscles moving. To burn more calories, exaggerate the arm movements. Here is how you can perform a low-impact jumping jack:

Stand with your arms both down at either of your sides. Step one foot out to the side, with both your hands open in the air and above your head. Your weight should be on your right foot for the whole movement. Go back to the starting position before repeating on the left side. This time make sure your weight is on your left foot.

2- Skaters

The difference between a skater and its low-impact version is that the latter substitutes the jump, but still has good benefits. To do a low-impact skater exercise, start in a lunge position, keeping both of your legs bent with your right leg across your body and behind you. The left-arm must be straight and down, while the right one should be bent at your side to help you keep balance. Push off the left leg to begin to stand carrying the right leg forward and allowing the left leg to swing back. Switch arms during the exercise. Move quickly but skip the jump to keep a low-impact approach, don’t jump.

3- Squat to jab

This is a bodyweight squat joint with boxing that makes a great low-impact cardio exercise. To do this move you must start in a standing position with your feet a little bit wider than you’re your shoulders, keeping both your arms at your sides. Squat down with your chest up and your knees out, and your butt to the back. Then stand up, fully extending your legs. Now do a cross-body punch with each of your arms. Squat again, stand up, and repeat the punch.

4- Standing oblique crunch

This exercise will help include your core in the workout, therefore make sure that it is well engaged by following the right steps:

Start in a standing position with your feet parallel to your shoulders, and your arms bent. Keep your hands on the back of the head with both elbows flared out to the sides. Bend to your right side moving your elbow down while you concurrently bring your right knee up allowing both parts to touch. Go back to the starting position and repeat the exercise on the left or other side.




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