These are the best muscle recovery technological gadgets to try

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4 min readAug 10, 2021


For years, the recovery process after a workout consisted of protein shakes, stretching, and some ice when needed. However, today’s recovery industry is much more developed and tech-savvy than it ever was. Today, many technological gadgets will help you improve your recovery after a challenging workout. While it is essential to know that not every device will work for you, we recommend you try as many as possible. These are the best muscle recovery technological gadgets to try

1- Infrared light

Have you ever been to a sauna? Well, you can now try far-infrared saunas. These use infrared light rather than steam. You will find yourself sweating, and according to some studies, your blood circulation will increase. However, it is essential to remember to stay hydrated before going inside an infrared sauna, as it will leave you drenched. For extra infrared benefits, look for near-infrared studio booths. These have been found to stimulate mitochondrial activity and improve your energy without sweating too much.

2- Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is a session where you get to spend up to three minutes in a cold chamber with a temperature of around -100 degrees Celsius. It has been said to improve sleep and metabolism. According to a review of 6 studies on 257 rheumatoid-arthritis patients, cryotherapy has been shown to reduce pain. However, to be able to see results, experts say that consistency is the key. According to studies, results can show after no less than seven days of daily cryotherapy. Therefore, do no convince yourself that one session per week is enough as it won’t help. Try to have a cryotherapy session three times per week for three weeks to see improvements.

3- Compression boots

Pneumatic-compression boots punch onto your limbs and then use air pulses to thrust fluids. This technique helps improve blood flow. However, even though they haven’t been proven to improve performance, they are liked by professional athletes, whose trainers make sure they don’t use them right after their training. The soreness that athletes feel after a workout is essential for gains. Pains mean that the body is releasing inflammatory cytokines, which repair tissue. This is indispensable to stimulate the positive adaptation to training. Use the compression boots after 1 hour of a workout.

4- Massage gun

Massage gun is a satisfying way to dig into your achy forearms and quads. It has a similar effect as the foam roller; however, the massage gun surge continues. Make sure you don’t dig in too much if you are using one, as it can bruise your lymphatic vessels, which can delay recovery. Instead, float it rather than pressing it. Do that for 120 seconds gently to relax your tight muscles.

5- Electrostim pulse

Electrostim pulse is used by physical therapists to rehab injuries and by hard training athletes such as bodybuilders, runners, and cyclists. The key to using them is to increase the power until you can see your muscle pulsing or feel muscle contractions. Then leave it for 15 to 30 minutes.




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