These are the home equipment you need for your home workout

Working out from home can be a great alternative for the crowded gyms or for when you can’t make it there. However, you still need the equipment to make the best out of your workout at home. While you can replace much equipment with things from around your house, others are irreplaceable. The following list contains everything you need to complete the best home workout.

1- Dumbbells

Dumbbells are the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of home workout. These are used in different exercises. Get yourself a set of dumbbells ranging from 3 to 30 kilograms. Make sure that you chose a set that has comfortable handles.

2- Kettlebells

Kettlebells on the other hand have their weight distributed unevenly, for this reason, you are required more stabilization and strength to control your body while using it. You can use it to do exercises for the back, arms, and legs. Get the weights that suit your strength level.

3- Jumping rope

Jumping rope is a common game during children’s playtime. However, it can also be used to improve your lower and upper body strength. After just a few jumps, you will notice your heart rate going up. It can also boost your endurance and stamina. To level up your workout, purchased a weighted rope.

4- Resistance bands

These are important to strengthen your glutes. Use them to do donkey kicks, hip bridges, jumping squats, and other exercises that stimulate your muscles to work harder.

5- A mattress

You need a mattress to support your body while working out, so you do not harm yourself. Choose one of the good quality.

6- Gliding discs

Use these discs to move your hands or feet on the floor putting your core muscles at work. You will know that they are involved by the pressure you will feel using them. You might not like them a lot, but after feeling the results they might become your favorite part of the workout.

7- Punching bag

Away from the gym, you still need something to help you de-stress and involve a wide range of muscle groups. This can be done using a punching bag. While you can use it even when you do not workout solely at home, it is used for both fun and improving your physique. Even though it is bigger equipment than the other ones on this list, this one can help more muscles than the others. It is recommended to do a session of 15 minutes of punching daily to maintain a good physical activity level.

8- A pedometer or Stepchain

A pedometer can be used to track your fitness level, counting your steps and tracking the distance you pass. You can also download StepChain which does all of this as well as gives you the chance to compete with other users and win valuable prices. Not convinced yet? You can also convert your steps into cryptocurrency.

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