This Swedish trend combines working out and being environmentally friendly together

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3 min readAug 26, 2021


The fitness industry is flooded by new trends every once in a while, and this article is about one very cool trend that combines both fitness and the environment. Plogging is a new trend that is made of jogging and picking up litter. It doesn’t require specific qualifications or equipment. If you want to know this Swedish trend that combines working out and being environmentally friendly together, read along!

What is plogging?

Plogging is a mix between jogging and picking up litter and works on getting your heart rate up alongside other benefits. The movements of all of the sudden stopping and bowing down to recover waste include supportive spurts of hunching down and extending into your regular run. It’s a cardio and quality workout in one. Furthermore, if you’re not a regular runner, there’s no rigid rule that says you must run as you can follow the pace that you like and suits you. The enchantment of plogging is that there are no rules: You’ll apply its eco-friendly attitude to a brisk walk or long climb. Eventually, no guide tells you how to do it or not do it.

The equipment you will need

One of the most remarkable things about plogging is that it doesn’t require any equipment, which is excellent news in case you’ve as of now got your budget set for the following few months. In addition to a comfortable match of running shoes, you have to bring your waste bags to collect litter in them. Since authentic garbage bags might get immense or overwhelming to run with, consider bringing small or mid-size plastic packs, such as those you get from the primary supply store (you’ll be reusing and reusing them many times!). Bring two bags; this way, you will be able to keep one for junk and another for recyclable materials. Another great thing to bring on your plogging endeavor? A running buddy. In Sweden, plogging could be a gathering movement and an activity for socialization, which could be enormous fun. The more people you will invite, the higher the cleaning efforts will be and the encouragement level to be active and environmentally friendly.

What are the benefits of plogging?

Other than being active and meeting new people, plogging has lots of benefits! First, it affects the environment by lessening the sum of junk on streets, sidewalks, and trails, whereas turning in recyclables empowers them to be legitimately arranged and inevitably reused. And since litter influences natural life, expelling it can keep our waste from affecting them. Another benefit of plogging is that it offers a few genuine benefits for individuals as well. The people you meet in such activities can become good friends as you share pleasant moments with them, where you are doing something good for others.

But even if you prefer to go plogging alone, it will still be a good workout for you. You will spend some quality time in nature, be active, and focus on your mental health.

When will your first plogging activity take place?




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