Tips to improve your running technique

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3 min readAug 19, 2021


Physical exercises play an essential role in improving the health and wellbeing of an individual. Running, the most accessible type of sport, has several benefits. However, many people are not reaching results. This made them wonder about the reason why they are not benefitting. Is it the duration? The intensity? Or the nutrition? Well, none of these is the answer. Runners are just walking at speed, and this is their mistake; they are not aware of their posture while running. Although running is an easy sport, it has a specific technique.

While running, people often make mistakes without noticing, such as hips behind the feet, the upper body is tensed, and slow cadence (not enough steps per minute). There are several tips to improve running technique. Starting with the upper body, the most common mistake is breathing. Runners must inhale and exhale deeply from their abdomen and not their chest, using both their mouth and nose. Moreover, runners should avoid looking on their feet while running because this will pressure the neck and make them feel dizzy during the run. Runners should look 3 to 6 meters on the ground ahead of them to maintain moving in a straight line and avoid falling. Concerning the posture of the upper body, it is said to “run tall.” Running tall means the body must be straight and balanced, the neck should also be straight, and the elbows must be bent at 90 degrees swinging to the front and to the back.

Moving down to the lower body posture, the butt should be pulled in. Secondly, the runner’s foot should fully hit the ground, from heel to toe, to prevent injuries. It may sound unreal, but slowing down while running because of exhaustion is a myth. On the contrary, the speed must be increased for ten seconds to avoid fatigue to kick in. Runners may find it easier to slow down to rest for moments and then increase their speed. But think about it, who would have the energy to speed up again after slowing down? Run fast as if you stole something! In addition, runners must stay relaxed as much as possible and not tightened up; that’s why hands are required to stay opened and not closed to avoid tension to the neck and shoulders.

Things to avoid:

- Do not lean forward

- Do not bend your shoulders

- Do not swing your hands to the chest level

- Avoid moving your head upwards and downwards; stay straight

- Do not ignore injuries

Don’t panic! As complicated as it seems, it’s not. Although running is an easy sport, it has specific techniques to follow. It just needs some focus and practice. Therefore, be patient and give your body time to adapt to the new requests of running. Time after time, you will get used to the technique, and by that, you will, without a doubt, reach out for significant results by the end of your hard work. In conclusion, running is the best plan for your daily routine if done well using the tips mentioned above. Try them for your next run!




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