What to do when the sports event you signed up for gets canceled?

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4 min readNov 9, 2020


You signed up for a marathon, and then a few weeks before the events’ date, it gets canceled because of COVID-19. What should you do? Now that many sports events have been canceled, and are still being canceled because of the pandemic, many participants are asking themselves what to do with all the hours of training that they’ve achieved. Whether you are an athlete or someone who loves challenging themselves, and the sport event you took part in has just been canceled, this article is for you. Read on to know what you should do when the sport event you signed up for get canceled.

1- Live the event day on your own

You could have been training for months or weeks when you’ve heard that the event has been canceled. Rather than feeling discouraged, you can act as if the event has not been canceled and you will still be performing. This is usually a good solution when the sport you are performing does not require having a partner as mandatory. For example in races, you need other players to be present so you can compete with them and see which level you’d finish. Even in this case, you could still run alone. In case you were unable to run the same path of the event, make sure that the one you chose has the same distance and challenges. Doing so will help you assess your level and tell you whether you could have been ready for the event or not.

2- Continue training

As soon as you would hear the news, the first thing you would think of is stop training. You could do so in order to give your body the needed rest, however, you can also continue training, and so whenever the event is back on, you will be stronger than you could have been. You do not have to train as hard as you did before, but keep up a similar routine. Take note of all the difficulties you had before, and try your best to fix them in this new period of time.

3- Improve yourself

A canceled game means more time for yourself to improve. As mentioned before you can time the extra time you now have to improve your skills and fix any problems you had before. Doing so might help you to compete in a higher level competition so instead of running a certain race, you can run a harder one. Be optimistic and rather than giving up because the event is canceled or postponed, train yourself for another one with a farther date, so you are more prepared and have better skills than before.

4- Find a training companion by using StepChain’s application

StepChain has special features that can allow you to find the perfect training companion. Go to the chat section to get in touch with other users with similar goals, or use the Maps feature to find users near you and chat with them, or use the stories feature which is similar to the stories in every social media platform you know. Stories: just like other social media platforms, StepChain has the Stories feature where you can post and see seconds of other people’s active life. This feature can help you get inspired by others and find a partner who might have a similar lifestyle and goals.

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